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  1. Some of my previous posts…….
    Comments: Is the dust is settling?
    There were no seeded American women in the 2007 Australian Open, so an unseeded American woman won.
    Serena startled me and the tennis world ..or, (the tennis world and I), on her 2007 comeback.
    She had slimmed down, and calmed down. She played strategy with her power shots, and she looked like she is learning a lot from the Federer Express results.

    What can one say about the Gonzales re-evolution? I have always had an affinity to the latin approach to tennis, so more than likely you will catch me watching those players.
    I watched Gonzo at the 2004 Pilot Pen. I thought he had great shots, great touch, but questionable strategy and attitude.
    He also is Serena-like in his re-emergence, thanks to the help of his new coach.
    He has slimmed down, and calmed down. He is playing strategy with his power shots, and looks like he’s learning a lot from the Federer Express results.

    As for Roger…What can one say?
    To remark on any flaw in his game would only serve to achieve improvement and a further widening of the gap between him and the rest of the field.
    What would be the motivation?
    Roger’s on court tennis is the embodiment of the saying “Work smart and not hard”, by making the hard look easy, giving time to take a breath here and there.

    Sun. 28 Jan 2007 13:55:47 EST
    Comments: I just wanted to say, I admired Andre for his flair with fashion as a young tennis player, his hair, his zest for excitement, his jet planes that took him from tournament to tournament, and basically the movie star, fairy tale existence that made international news. I had the chance to see him up close and personal at the Volvo International Tennis Tournament in New Haven Connecticut in 1994 and 1995. In ’94 he had the blonde mane and the baseball cap. In ’95 he came to the tournament with a shaved head, and on winning the tournament, he shaved Jim Westhall, the tournament director’s head also, on a bet.

    I got a great shot of him in ’95. I think it’s a classic. I never got it autographed, but it was still a magical shot. I showed the new Agassi with power in his backhand, the ball screaming from his racquet, his toes barely touching the ground, the master of his domain. He had made the change from youth to adult, and had increased his fans and his fight. I even dreamt him!

    Then he took the walkabout, during his first marriage. He dropped off the radar. I thought it was the end. What a pity, I thought. I’d thought tennis was more important to him, but if it wasn’t, who was I to dispute it? We all should make our own personal decisions. He was missed.

    But he came back! With both barrels blasting, it was great! I found out about his foundation in Las Vegas, his school is a credit to him and his awareness of the social issues today. He could no longer be linked to the old Andre who snubbed Wimbledon because of its drab white’s and tradition. It gave me hope, inspiration even. Never give up, just look at Andre!

    Last year when I heard about his back problems and the cortizone shots however, I knew the end was not just near, it was here! To hear him try to deny it was heartbreaking, since I knew he’d be hurting himself by staying on. I admired him too much to see him do that much damage to himself. This year, to have him acknowledge the advise of sensible medical professionals in this case was a huge relief. It was a painful decision, but in retrospect it will have been the best decision.

    I felt this same way when Patrick Rafter has his shoulder problems and had to retire because of it. I miss Patrick too!

    I will miss Andre, and I will never forget Andre. I have the autographed poster of him the last year he had long hair, and also one (not autographed) of him the first year he played with his new look. All in my first two years of professional tennis sports photography! I feel blessed for having the opportunity, and I wish the Agassi family the best of everything, a little redundant since they already look like the perfect family who already has everything. Cheers and Chin Up Andre, you’ve been great!:)

    Fri. 30 Jun 2006 20:7:15 EDT
    Comments: Speaking of tennis, and what not to wear. I thought the irritation caused by the loose material in the sleeves of my polo shirts had something to do with my lack of coordination. It was, it was causing my uncoordinated attempts at proper stroke execution.

    I say that because I hit the ball much more cleanly when wearing sleeveless close fitting shirts. Also, shirts or blouses that cause me to adjust them before hitting the ball, take away from my reaction and execution time.

    That is the reason that I’ve changed my casual attire. I’m buying more casuals that I can also play tennis in, close fitting with cap sleeves at best. I like the Nadal, Moya look, I wonder about Nadal’s pedal pushers though. In the heat, for me, less is more. I think the other guys playing in those loose big sleeve shirts should catch on soon. Roddick, and Haas spend a lot of time adjusting the sleeves on their point breaks. One wonders if they were feeling uncomfortable during the point.

    The Williams’ have also caught on, it would seem. Venus doesn’t seem to wear too many loose thin strap outfits lately. They’ve both also cut down on the extra jewelry. Technologically speaking, aerodynamics is affected by extraneous material. I always wondered how those long earrings were during a match. It would seem, not so well. Also, they fall off.

    Sat. 3 Sep 2005 22:58:36 EDT
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    Comments: The 2003 Australian Open women’s Williams final was a much better match between the two sisters than have been the case in the past. There was more tennis in this match than emotions, which is good. I dont know if I want to push this filial rivalry to extremes, but having been told once to “play tennis or get off the court” I am going to caution Venus, as I have with Serena in the past, to get over the sisterly concern, and treat your sister as just another player when she is on the other side of the court. Venus seemed more healthy and a bit stockier which is a good idea. She has the hieght to dominate at the net, a strategy which works when she tries it. However, she doesn’t try it often enough. I would encourage her to add a bit more muscle to protect and support her on court, and crowd the net. Take the role of the unknown competitor when playing Serena, because I think she can give Serena a lot more competition than she’s had so far.

    Sat. 25 Jan 2003 22:49:19 EST

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